Fix: There is a Problem Parsing the Package in Android

Being an open OS, Android gives you the power to install apps from any source, other than the official Play Store. But while installing the apps from other sources, then you might come across certain errors that don’t allow you to install the app. One such error is the “there is a problem parsing the package” error. It is one of the most common error and you might have seen it quite a lot of time. We have brought all the possible fixes to this issue together, so that you can easily get rid of it. Below mentioned are the fixes to this common Android error message.
Reasons why “there is a problem parsing the package” error occurs

there is a problem parsing package
Before trying to fix the issue, you should know why it actually occurs. There are three major reasons because of which you might be receiving the error- there was a problem parsing the package. First, the downloaded .apk file, that is used to install an app in Android smartphones, is either corrupt or was not downloaded completely. Second, the app that you have downloaded isn’t compatible with the hardware of your Android device, or the OS version isn’t compatible. The third and the final reason can the settings of your smartphone. If you have turned off the ‘allow installation of apps from unknown sources’, then you might be seeing the “there is a problem parsing the package” error.

How to fix “there is a problem parsing the package” error?

There are three methods to fix the “there is a problem parsing the package” error. They are as follows-

Fix 1

You need to check whether you have permitted your Android device to allow installations from unknown sources or not. You can go to the ‘Settings>Additional Settings>Privacy>Device Administration menu>Unknown Sources’ section. There you will find an option saying ‘allow installation of apps from unknown sources’. Switch it on and now you won’t be seeing the there was a problem parsing the package error.

there is a problem parsing packageThere is a Problem Parsing PackageThere is a Problem Parsing the PackageProblem Parsing the Package

Fix 2

If the above mentioned method couldn’t solve the issue, then you can try this fix. The error might be because the apk file that you have download is either corrupt or wasn’t downloaded fully. You need to inspect the file by going into the folder where you have stored and make sure that the file is complete and absolutely fine. If not, then try to re-download the app form the source from where you earlier downloaded, and ensure that file is downloaded without any problems. Or, you can also try to download the app directly from the Google Play Store. Using this method, the error “there is a problem parsing the package” will most probably not appear.
Even after using these two methods the issue still appears, then you should go for the third fix.

Fix 3

According to the third reason, the app might not be compatible with your device’s hardware or the Android version. The error – “there is a problem parsing the package” – generally occurs when you are using a very old device and you try to install an app that is designed for modern devices with latest OS versions. To check if this is the reason, you can try to install the same app in some other Android device, that has modern hardware and latest software version.

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The app will most probably install on the other device, and it proves that the app isn’t compatible with your device. To get rid of the issue, you will have to either upgrade the OS to the latest version available. If the error appears even after updating the software, then you won’t be able to install the app on your current device. You can install it on any other Android device though.

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