ntkrnlmp.exe Error In Windows 7/8/10 Fixed : 100% Working

Ntkrnlmp.exe is a system file belongs to Microsoft operating system Windows absence of which creates many error on your Windows PC. Without Ntkrnlmp.exe you can not use any program on your PC. Ntkrnlmp.exe error on your Windows most commonly occurs during the start, program startup or while accessing or trying to use a specific function on your computer. Sometimes Ntkrnlmp.exe error causes blue screen of death error (BSOD) on your PC. Here is the list of most common error faced by the users related Ntkrnlmp.exe

“Error starting program: ntkrnlmp.exe.”
“Ntkrnlmp.exe is not running.”
“Ntkrnlmp.exe failed.”
“Faulting Application Path: ntkrnlmp.exe.”
“Ntkrnlmp.exe Application Error.”
“Ntkrnlmp.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
“Ntkrnlmp.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
“Cannot find ntkrnlmp.exe.”
“Ntkrnlmp.exe not found.”
Ntkrnlmp.exe Error Code 7 in Windows

If you are facing any of the above error then you are at the right place. In this tutorial we’ll provide you the detailed and step by step guide to remove Ntkrnlmp.exe Error Code 7 in Windows 7/8/10 .

Why Ntkrnlmp.exe error occurs on your Windows PC?

There are various which could be responsible for Ntkrnlmp.exe error on your Windows PC. Some of them are listed below.

  • Another Program or virus deleted Ntkrnlmp.exe file from your computer.
  • Your RAM is faulty.
  • BIOS setting of your computer is incorrect.
  • Another program is in conflict with May 2012 Security Release ISO Image and its shared referenced files.
  • Virus or malware which could have corrupted windows registry or Ntkrnlmp.exe file.
  • Outdated drivers files present on your PC might be the reason.

How to fix Ntkrnlmp.exe error code in Windows 7/8/10

There is not a single reason due to which Ntkrnlmp.exe error occurs. It could be corrupt registry file or malicious program or hardware problem. If Ntkrnlmp.exe error on your PC is because of some software related issue the you can try these method to fix Ntkrnlmp.exe error on your Windows PC.

1. Full Virus scan of your PC

There are many Antivirus software available on the internet some are paid while others are free. You can choose any of these to scan your computer for viruses. You can also use Microsoft security essentials of Windows defender which is in-built security programs available on your Windows computer. There can be possibility that a malicious program or virus is causing this error. So It is a good idea to scan your computer for viruses to remove Ntkrnlmp.exe error from your PC.

ntkrnlmp.exe Error

2. Clean up your system (Delete junk or temporary files)

Follow the steps given below to delete junk or temporary files from your system

  • Press Windows + R
  • Type cleanmgr in it as shown in the image below.

ntkrnlmp.exe Error

  • Select C drive and press OK.
  • Now Windows will scan the junk files present on your computer.

ntkrnlmp.exe Error

  • Click on OK and It will automatically delete all the junk files present on your PC.

3. Update Your Device Drivers

Corrupt or outdated device drivers causing Ntkrnlmp.exe error. You should update your device drivers regularly to prevent any type of error on your PC.
You can either update device drivers manually or you can download this third-party tool Driverdoc which automatically checks and install the driver update on your PC.

4. Fix Windows Registry

If after trying the above methods still you’re facing Ntkrnlmp.exe error in Windows PC then you can try this method to repair your registry settings. Download Microsoft Fix it or Regcure to fix registry settings on your PC

Download – Microsoft Fix it

Download – Regcure

5. Update BIOS settings or set to default

Press delete when your computer starts to enter BIOS settings and restore default settings.
Caution : Use this method if you good knowledge about BIOS settings. Any wrong setting will corrupt or your system.

6. System Restore to fix Ntkrnlmp.exe error

Windows provide you a feature which enables you to restore your computer to specific date and undo all the system changes or software installation on your PC.

  • Search for System restore or Go to My Computer (This PC)
  • Click on System Properties and then System Protection.
  • Now Click on System restore and follow the on-screen instruction to restore your computer to a specific point.

ntkrnlmp.exe Error

Some tips to follow to fix Ntkrnlmp.exe error

  1. Update Windows.
  2. Repair Registry.
  3. Set default BIOS settings.
  4. Scan and Remove any malware present on your PC.
  5. Clean up junk files.
  6. Install device driver updates.

Hope that you have successfully fixed Ntkrnlmp.exe error on your Windows PC. If you are facing problem in any method or any kind of error you can ask us in the comment section below. If this tutorial is helpful then you can do us a favor by sharing it on social websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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