OnePlus 3T common problems and their solutions.

OnePlus 3T common problems and their solutions: OnePlus 3T recently launched their latest smartphone in the market named OnePlus 3T. One can call it big brother of OnePlus 3T with better software and hardware. OnePlus 3T sold mostly exclusively through Amazon is praised by users all over the world. With improved front-facing camera, a faster processor or upgraded RAM OnePlus 3T leave no stones unturned to beat best high-end flagship devices from other manufacturers. In spite of such brilliant specs, it is not always all users are satisfied.  In this post, I have listed some of the OnePlus 3T common problems and their solutions. Just take a closer look and I guess it will work for you.

OnePlus 3T common problems and their solutions:

Below is the list of some common problems faced by OnePlus 3T user. Before going further, please keep in mind that not every user is facing such issues in OnePlus 3T. It is rare chance that you face OnePlus 3T common problems.

OnePlus 3T issues to be discussed:

  • OnePlus 3T overheating problem
  • Problem changing from portrait to landscaped mode or auto rotate-issues
  • While making calls display doesn’t turn off or proximity sensor

OnePlus 3T common problems and their fixes

Problem: OnePlus 3T overheating issues or phone heats up too much. This is a very common problem faced by OnePlus 3T users. Most of them have same say that while using OnePlus 3T especially in between gaming or using multiple apps at the same time. Just take a look at few possible solutions to OnePlus 3T phone heating too much problem.

Solution: Just think for a second you are using a quad-core Snapdragon 821 with 6GB of RAM. With this much of power, it is quite common that your OnePlus 3T becomes too much hot.

OnePlus 3T common problems and their solutions.

One of the best solutions to this problem is just put a back cover on your device.

Secondly, try avoiding OnePlus 3T while charging. It is always the best practice to keep your phone aside when charging. Else too much heating can cause damage to internal parts.

Also, you can try any cooling app that will kill unnecessary applications running in the background and lower OnePlus 3T temperature.

I hope above mentioned methods will be helpful to fix overheating problem in OnePlus 3T.

Problem connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: OnePlus 3T connectivity issue is one such problem that user can face sometimes. Most of the time it is related to Wi-Fi connection problem or Bluetooth connection not stable. Please go through some below mentioned steps to find some possible solutions for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Solution: Below I have given separate solutions to fix Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Wi-Fi not connecting properly or dropped in between

If you are not able to connect to your Wi-Fi router just restart your phone and then try to reconnect.

Sometimes connecting again to your Wi-Fi router could possibly solve this issue. So if you are not able to connect to your Wi-Fi router or your connection is dropping frequently in between using OnePlus 3T with Wi-Fi just go to settings >> Wi-Fi> Select your network and forget network. Restart your OnePlus 3T >> Turn on Wi-Fi and try connecting your Wi-Fi router.

If your OnePlus 3T is showing problem connecting to Bluetooth from other devices then:

People are saying that OnePlus 3T is showing problems connecting to Bluetooth or Bluetooth connection drops in between use.

I strongly suggest you update OnePlus 3T to latest Oxygen OS available. Latest OS has brought some major updates with improvements in Bluetooth connectivity.

Turn off your Bluetooth then turn it on and then try to reconnect.

Clearing Cache files could sometimes help you getting a stable Bluetooth connection.

Try cache cleaner for this.

Problem: Changing from portrait to landscape mode or auto rotate not working. Of course we all love watching photos and videos in landscape mode but if you are facing any issues while switching from portrait to landscape mode or vice-versa then go through some possible solutions.

Solutions:  Auto rotate feature not working or problem switching from portrait to landscape mode is also there in OnePlus 3, but users have given some excellent solutions to this problem.

Simply rebooting your device can help you fix this auto rotate not working feature.

You can use any third-party app to fix this issue temporarily. Try Ultimate Rotation Control.

Best solution is to visit Service Center and check if this is any accelerometer problem with your device.

I hope above methods will help you to fix OnePlus 3T common problems. If you still face difficulty or have any further suggestions please ping us in the comment box below.

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