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Puzzle & Dragons apk download – Puzzle and Dragons is the most addictive puzzle game. It is the one of the most popular game in Japan and have millions of downloads all around th globe. Puzzle & dragons game is available for Android and iOS. This game is developed by GungHoOnlineEntertainment. Puzzle and Dragons game requires Android 2.3 or more for efficient gameplay. Puzzle & Dragons is available for free on Google Play Store and iOS appstore. You can also download it from play store but for those who are looking for direct apk file of Puzzle & Dragons can download it from here. In this article we’ll give you download link of Puzzle & Dragons apk and discuss about the features of this game.

puzzle & dragons apk download

Puzzle & Dragons Android game

You start with a little monster(can be of five different colors) representing either fire, water, wood, dark and light. After that you jump straight into dungeon where you face confrontation with monsters that reside within. To attack, simply match three gems that match the color of your monster, and punishment is dished out. Additional gem combos of any color will boost that attack, resulting in devastating, and sometimes even one-shot kills to your enemies. There’s also a sixth gem type that heals health, vital for survival since enemy monsters attack you in between each puzzle-matching round.

puzzle & dragons apk

Puzzle & Dragons Game – Features

Addictive,hard and fun to play game which gets you going for hours.
Visually Simple and Engaging Action – Move orb as faster as you can to match it and kill the monster in front of you.
Monster assemble There are 700 different monster are available from which you can choose to play.
Power Up and Evolve – Make your monster even more powerful with the right ingredients, cute baby dragons can become majestic and powerful beasts of battle.
Network connection is required to play this game. Game is completely free to download and play but optional items are available for purchase.

Download Puzzle & Dragons apk (English)

Download Puzzle and Dragons for Android

Download Puzzle & Dragons for iPhone

This game is brutally deep and holds your interest for a long time. The game has hundreds of monster and many dungeons that gets increasingly difficult and will consume many hours of your time. So, Be prepared for a long and highly entertaining game. If you like this game then don’t forget to share this to your friends on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You can also give us feedback about this game by commenting below.

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