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How to Use Face Unlock Feature in Lollipop: Security and Privacy is a prime thing nowadays. Everyone understands the importance of security in mobile telecommunication. It is safe to expect that the majority of people utilize lock screen secured with secret words, patterns and PINs. But do you know!! These secret keys, patterns and PINs can be known easily by looking when you are writing them. So, How would you actually lie at a safe place?

Uhmm.. let me guess..

You will think of using a long password that can be difficult to remember at an instance. Well, if you think cautiously, using a secret key with long characters is not a good option because you have to get to your mobile every now and then every day. And typing those long passwords each time can be a tiring task. So, what option you are left with?

Blank?? Nothing comes into your mind?

Well, fortunately, there is another feature for screen security lock on Android – The Face Unlock Feature. Face Unlock Feature is not a new thing for Android but rather it has enhanced a considerable measure on the Android’s new working framework – Lollipop. How about we see what has enhanced and how to use Face Unlock Feature in Lollipop.


How to Use Face Unlock Feature in Lollipop:

Follow the below steps to know How to Use Face Unlock Feature in Lollipop.

  • In the past versions of Android, you could specifically set up Face Unlock as your lock screen security from Settings > Security > Screen bolt and selecting Face Unlock.
  • Anyway, in Lollipop, you have to perform one additional step. You have to first specify any of the 3 lock screen security alternatives to empower the Face Unlock highlight. To do so, go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and set up any of the 3 security choices.
  • After you’re done with the above steps, you can get to the Smart Lock alternative. Tap on it and select Trusted face. Take a few shots of your face and select the one you believe is great. Follow all the given steps and you’re done.

How to Use Face Unlock Feature in Lollipop

Now, let’s check whether you did it accurately or not. Lock your gadget and take a gander at the base of it. The little client symbol that appeared previously is now modified to padlock icon. This demonstrates that you have effectively assigned Face Unlock. Slide the padlock symbol to open your gadget. The unlocking procedure speed has been enhanced fundamentally as well.

Use Face Unlock Feature in Lollipop

You can likewise enhance the precision of the face acknowledgment. In the event, if you at some point use glasses (spex) or develop a beard, then follow the below steps.

  • Go to Trusted face option again and select Improved face matching option.
  • Let the gadget perceive your face from diverse points, with and without your glasses or facial hair and whatever other stuffs you torment your face with. Now, utilize the Face Unlock feature again with no lags or errors.

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